Here you will find valuable information that will help you determine the authenticity of your item, this is also explains how we go about determining wether an item is original or fake.


How can I identify if my handbag is authentic?

Posh Boutique offers free-of-charge authentication service to all its clients who wish to consign their luxury items prior to listing them on site.

There are basic elements that allows end-users to determine the authenticity of a handbag or a pair of shoes. Some of which include the receipt, authenticity card, care booklet and original packaging material such as dust bags, papers of boxes. Having said that, fakers still manage to find ways to replicate and regrettably duplicate those in an almost believable manner; however, they are incapable of manufacturing an item with great perfection and many defaults can be spotted. For the reasons mentioned above, this is why a woman should trust her sixth sense while purchasing a pre-owned handbag for a remarkable amount of cash, she may also want to notice and examine the following to make sure it is 100% authentic:

Material and finishing
The look, feel and touch of a handbag including the stitching, symmetry, lining, textures and material. The smell of genuine leather is unmistakable and the finishing is extremely accurate.  An Authentic Chanel maxi or 2.55 Mademoiselle for instance must not leave a stitch which is bigger than its sister or a disregarded knit.

Serial & manufacturing date codes
Louis Vuitton for instance has followed a "date codes" system which gets stamped either on interior tags or directly on the interior linings. They simply refer to the manufacturing locations and date of manufacture. Fendi on the other hand has both a serial number that is heat stamped inside the pocket or the lining of a handbag and a hologram sticker in silver. Other brands such as Chanel & Dolce & Gabbana have silver hologram stickers on their Authenticity cards that must come with each bag they manufacture. Chanels' serial numbers refer to the year of making and the number on the card has to match the golden hologram sticker inside the bag.

If someone offers you an Hermes bracelet or scarf for a negotiable Dhs 300 then it is 99% a fake unless the owner is really desperate for a sale. Why? Because top-notch luxury boutiques such as Hermes have their scarves and twills' edges manually rolled just like their hand-crafted leather goods. The manufacturing process may take a period of up to 18 hours of continuous work by experts in this field. This is exactly what differentiates their products from their peers in the market and makes them more expensive and rare to own. and are some international trading platforms that specialize in selling luxury brands, they have strict policies, a buyer protection program and most importantly, a rating system for their unique sellers who offer genuine items and exceptional services. Please contact us for details if you are an international buyer (residing outside the UAE) and wish to purchase your items via the above mentioned E-trade platforms.